About ‘Fuyu’

My name is Martin but you can call me ‘Fuyu’. I am a lay Zen practitioner and a martial artist and I’m here to share with you Buddha’s Dharma.

For over thirty years, I have devoted myself to the study and practice of Zen Buddhism and Karate. Japan and its culture hold a special place in my heart, and as the husband of a Japanese woman, I have been given the opportunity to visit Japan on a regular basis. In my free time, I am diligently studying the Japanese language and its writing system.

As a proud father of two beautiful children, my family is my greatest treasure. I relish spending quality time with my wife and kids, watching them grow, thrive, and discover the wonders of this fascinating life. In many ways, children are the greatest Zen masters of all, possessing an innate wisdom that eludes most adults (including me!).

The pursuit of personal and spiritual growth is a core value in my life. I am committed to becoming a better person each day and hope to leave this world a more compassionate and loving place than when I entered it. I am not a Zen master, far from it. In fact, if you ask my wife, she would be quick to tell you of my many imperfections. 😉

However, for the past thirty years, I have wholeheartedly applied the teachings of the Buddha to my daily life, with the intention of living a more mindful, purposeful, and compassionate existence.

Japan, My Second Home

Due to the fact that my wife is Japanese, our family has been blessed with the opportunity to visit Japan on a regular basis. 

Japan is a country that captivates me with its unique blend of traditional and modern culture. From its delicious cuisine to its stunning landscapes, Japan has been a source of fascination and inspiration for me for nearly forty years.

My passion for Japan began with its captivating history and its rich cultural heritage. The intricate and beautiful art of origami, the graceful movements of the traditional dance of kabuki, and the harmonious sound of traditional Japanese music all deeply resonate with me.

Above all, what truly draws me to Japan is the kindness and respect that the people of Japan show towards each other and their visitors. Their hospitality and sense of community are qualities that I deeply admire and aspire to embody.

My love for Japan is a combination of its rich culture, beautiful art, and unique culture, as well as the warmth and kindness of its people.

Martial Artist

Over 37 years ago, I began my journey in the world of Karate. It was my father who recommended this path to me, as I was struggling with a great lack of confidence and shyness. I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a try.

Under the guidance of my Master, I quickly realized that Karate was more than just a physical activity – it was a way of life. The more I practiced, the more my confidence began to grow. My parents were delighted to see the positive changes in me, and I was thrilled to see the person I was becoming.

As I progressed in my training, I attained the rank of a 4th Dan black belt, and have been teaching for about thirty years. But Karate has given me much more than just physical skills and teaching opportunities. It was through Karate that I discovered Zen Buddhism, which has become a fundamental part of my life.

Looking back on my journey, I can confidently say that Karate has not only helped me overcome my shyness and lack of confidence, but has also shaped me into the person I am today.

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Personal Life Coach

In the mid-2000, my experience with Zen and martial arts led me to become a life coach for various Canadian and French celebrities.

As a personal life coach, I worked to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. My approach was rooted in Buddhist principles and practices that emphasized mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom.

Together, we created a collaborative and transformative process that helped my clients to unlock their full potential and achieve greater success and happiness in their personal and professional lives.

We focused on developing habits and routines that supported their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, and on cultivating a positive mindset that was grounded in gratitude, kindness, and generosity.

Through regular coaching sessions, I provided feedback, encouragement, and accountability to help my clients stay on track and make meaningful changes in their lives. I also helped them to manage their time, energy, and resources effectively, and to cultivate a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

I Care About You

I want you to know that I care about you. It is because of my care for you that I have created this website and Facebook page. Even though we may have never met, or may not know each other personally, please know that I hold your well-being close to my heart.

My goal with this website is to share with you Zen teachings (a bit influenced by the physicality of my martial art practice) to to help you overcome suffering and dissatisfaction, and to find happiness and inner peace. I truly believe that you deserve to be happy and to live a wonderful life. Time is fleeting, and it is important to cherish every moment we have and find happiness now.

This site is dedicated to you and your happiness. My intention is to help you in your journey towards a better, healthier, and happier life. I share the belief that the teachings of the Buddha are a precious gift that can help us in our daily lives.

Please know that I am here for you and that I deeply care about your happiness and well-being. Thank you for joining me on this journey towards a more fulfilling and joyful life.

With love and compassion,

– Fuyu

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