The history of Zen Buddhism traces back to the teachings of the Buddha in India, and later developed in China and Japan. Through the study of Zen history, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the evolution and impact of this important spiritual tradition.

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Eiheiji Temple

Eiheiji was build in 1244 and is the main temples of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism. It is located deep in the mountains in Fukui Prefecture, about 16 km from Fukui City. The temple…

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Soto Zen (Soto-Shu)

Soto is the leading school of Zen Buddhism. It was initially founded in China as the Caodong lineage of the Chan school of Buddhism and was later imported to Japan in the thirteenth century by…

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Who is Buddha ?

People don’t really know who Buddha was, and contrary to what most people in the Western world think, he was neither a God nor a legend. He was a real man that lived 2500 years…

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Sojiji Temple

Sojiji Temple is the second head temple of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism and is one of the biggest and most famous Buddhist temples in Japan. Originally, Sojiji was a Shingon Buddhist temple and was built…