Zen Buddhism

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What is Hishiryo?

Hishiryo is a state of mind beyond thinking and non-thinking. During the practice of Zazen, it is the normal condition of the consciousness. Consciousness during  meditation is not the same as it is in daily life, it

Buddhism, Concepts, Zen Buddhism

What is Zanshin?

Zanshin is a concept found in Zen, Budo (Japanese martial arts), particularly Kendo, and in many Japanese arts, such as Ikebana (flower arrangement), chado (the tea ceremony) and sumi-e (ink painting). Simply put, Zanshin is

Buddhism, Zen Buddhism

Zen & the Japanese Arts

Soon after its arrival in Japan, Zen Buddhism began to have a strong influence on the development of Japanese culture, and it eventually became part of Japan’s spiritual and aesthetic foundation. Through the practice of

Buddhism, Concepts, Zen Buddhism

What is Satori?

As opposed to what many people think, Buddhist Enlightenment is not a special state of mind. It is simply a return to the original, natural condition of the human mind. Spiritual awakening, also know as