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What is Zen Buddhism?

Zen Buddhism cannot be fully explained or defined through a book, a set of definitions, or a website.  Such attempts to describe Zen ultimately weaken its significance. Describing Zen Buddhism is like attempting to describe

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Buddhism, Zen Buddhism

Are all Buddhists Vegetarians?

Buddhism is a religion that has long been associated with compassion, mindfulness, and an emphasis on non-violence.  At the heart of this belief system is the principle of ahimsa, which encourages followers to refrain from

Buddhism, Zen Buddhism

What do Zen Buddhists Believe?

Zen Buddhism is a branch of Mahayana Buddhism that originated in China and later spread to Japan and other parts of the world.  At its core, Zen Buddhism prioritizes the practice of meditation and mindfulness


You are Not the Character You are Playing

As humans, we tend to identify with the roles and characters we consider ourselves to be.  However, Buddhism teaches us that these roles and personas are only mental constructs and do not represent our true