The basics of Zen Buddhism include the practice of meditation, mindfulness, and ethical conduct. By cultivating these practices in our daily lives, we can develop greater awareness and compassion, and ultimately achieve enlightenment.

Basics, Buddhism

What is the Eightfold Path?

In Buddhist philosophy, the Eightfold Path shines as a central teaching, offering profound guidance for living a life of wisdom, ethical conduct, and mental discipline. This ancient yet timeless path, articulated by the Buddha, is

Basics, Buddhism

What is Rebirth or Samsara in Buddhism?

We find in the heart of Buddhism, Samsara, the cycle of rebirth in which are prisoner beings who have not yet achieved enlightenment or supreme liberation. Called commonly reincarnation in the West, this cycle of

Basics, Buddhism

What is Karma in Buddhism?

In Buddhism, the sanskrit word Karma means “action”, and is defined as the intention manifested in the action of thought, body, and speech – it is the intention that produces Karma, and not the act