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What is Zen Buddhism?

Zen Buddhism cannot be fully explained or defined through a book, a set of definitions, or a website.  Such attempts to describe Zen ultimately weaken its significance. Describing Zen Buddhism is like attempting to describe

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What is Fudoshin?

Fudoshin is the ‘immovable mind’, that is, the mind that has met all challenges of life, and has attained a state of complete composure and fearlessness. This state of equanimity is essential in the practice

Buddhism, Concepts, Zen Buddhism

What is Hishiryo?

Hishiryo is a state of mind beyond thinking and non-thinking. During the practice of Zazen, it is the normal condition of the consciousness. Consciousness during  meditation is not the same as it is in daily life, it

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The Three Jewels of Buddhism

To become a Buddhist is to take refuge in the Three Jewels, also called the Three Treasures or the Three Refuges. The Three Jewels are the Buddha (The Teacher), the Dharma (The Teaching), and the Sangha (The

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What is the Middle Way?

When Buddha saw suffering for the first time, he was deeply disturbed to see death and misery in the world. He gave up his place in the darkness of the night and set out to

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What is the Eightfold Path?

In Buddhist philosophy, the Eightfold Path shines as a central teaching, offering profound guidance for living a life of wisdom, ethical conduct, and mental discipline. This ancient yet timeless path, articulated by the Buddha, is