Buddhism is a spiritual tradition that emphasizes the importance of cultivating wisdom and compassion in order to alleviate suffering and achieve enlightenment. Zen Buddhism is a branch of Mahayana Buddhism that emphasizes the practice of meditation and mindfulness as a means to achieve these goals.

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What is Rebirth or Samsara in Buddhism?

We find in the heart of Buddhism, Samsara, the cycle of rebirth in which are prisoner beings who have not yet achieved enlightenment or supreme liberation. Called commonly reincarnation in the West, this cycle of…

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What is Karma in Buddhism?

In Buddhism, the sanskrit word Karma means “action”, and is defined as the intention manifested in the action of thought, body, and speech – it is the intention that produces Karma, and not the act…

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What is Zanshin?

Zanshin is a concept found in Zen, Budo (Japanese martial arts), particularly Kendo, and in many Japanese arts, such as Ikebana (flower arrangement), chado (the tea ceremony) and sumi-e (ink painting). Simply put, Zanshin is…


Zen Buddhism Beliefs

Since the beginning of time, man is searching for the truth. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors, sat under the stars, and around the campfire discussed and asked themselves the same questions we ask ourselves…

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Zen & the Japanese Arts

Soon after its arrival in Japan, Zen Buddhism began to have a strong influence on the development of Japanese culture, and it eventually became part of Japan’s spiritual and aesthetic foundation. Through the practice of…

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What is Satori?

Satori or Awakening, is a profound realization of our true nature and the nature of reality. I have always been intrigued by the concept of spiritual awakening, particularly the idea of Satori in Zen Buddhism. Satori refers…