Buddhism is a spiritual tradition that emphasizes the importance of cultivating wisdom and compassion in order to alleviate suffering and achieve enlightenment. Zen Buddhism is a branch of Mahayana Buddhism that emphasizes the practice of meditation and mindfulness as a means to achieve these goals.


15 Japanese Concepts to Enrich Your Life

Renowned for its culture, technology, and cuisine, Japan has long been a source of fascination and intrigue.  It’s not just sushi, samurai, or cherry blossoms that captivate people globally, but also its philosophical and ethical

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What is Emptiness in Buddhism?

In Buddhism, emptiness is the ultimate nature of reality, empty of inherent, independent existence.  As someone who has been practicing and teaching Buddhism for some time now, I have often found the concept of emptiness

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How To Create a Zen Dojo At Home?

The dojo, or meditation hall, is an essential component of Zen meditation practice.  Suppose you’re anything like me and prioritize your daily Zen meditation practice. In that case, creating your own personal Zen space or


The 10 Most Eminent Researchers in NDEs

Exploring the Frontier of Our Existence: Unveiling Near-Death Experiences Near-death experiences have fascinated humanity for centuries and have become an intriguing topic of scientific research. In recent years, interest has increased in studying near-death experiences