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What is Zen Buddhism?

Zen Buddhism cannot be fully explained or defined through a book, a set of definitions, or a website.  Such attempts to describe Zen ultimately weaken its significance. Describing Zen Buddhism is like attempting to describe

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What is “Nanso Meditation”?

As someone coming from a Soto Zen background, my recent discovery of this traditional Rinzai meditation practice called “Nanso Meditation” has been an interesting discovery!  Rinzai Zen, known for its emphasis on koan practice and

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How To Find Inner Peace?

Find harmony and balance independently of circumstances or challenges.  As we go through life, we all experience times when we feel overwhelmed, stressed, or disconnected from ourselves. I have found that when I feel this

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What is Emptiness in Buddhism?

In Buddhism, emptiness is the ultimate nature of reality, empty of inherent, independent existence.  As someone who has been practicing and teaching Buddhism for some time now, I have often found the concept of emptiness